Ohio Broadband Trends

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Ohio Broadband Trends  is a report authored by Dr. John Hoag, Associate Professor at Ohio University's J. Warren McClure School of Information and Telecommunications Systems.

The report analyzes broadband availability trends in Ohio, examines demographic and geographic factors that impact broadband adoption in the state, and reviews state efforts to promote broadband access and adoption in all parts of the state. This last point is particularly important for rural Ohioans and those living in Appalachia, portions of the state that are at greatest risk for lacking access to the newest technology. 

According to the report, there are several troubling trends for rural Ohioans, particularly those living in rural portions of Appalachia:

  • Only 68% of Appalachian households subscribe to home broadband service, compared to 78% of households in other parts of the state.
  • While data speeds in urban portions of the state compare favorably to national averages, service in Appalachia is substantially lower.
  • In addition to having less access to fixed home broadband service, Appalachian residents are also more likely to encounter data cap limits from their mobile services than non-Appalachian subscribers.
  • Appalachian households are less likely to subscribe to home broadband service than either the statewide average or the average among non-Appalachian households.
  • Students in Appalachia are only half as likely to have school-issued laptop or tablet devices as students in the rest of the state. Also, one in five Appalachian K-12 students who have a school-issued device cannot use them at home due to lack of broadband access.