Low Cost Internet

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The following broadband adoption programs are available to eligible families in Ohio and throughout the U.S.

AT&T offers low-cost wireline home Internet service to qualifying households. AT&T will assign the fastest speed tier available where you live. 

Qualifying households receive:

  • Up to 10 Mbps home Internet for $10 a month + taxes for monthly data allowance of 150GB or 1TB
  • No deposit, no contract, and no installation fee
  • In-home Wi-Fi gateway and access to the AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot network

CenturyLink Internet Basics makes it easy and affordable for qualifying low-income families to benefit from home Internet.

With CenturyLink Internet Basics, qualifying low-income households receive:

  • Up to 1.5 Mbps home Internet for just $9.95a month + taxes + fees with 12-month term commitment
  • A netbook with 24-month commitment for CenturyLink High-Speed Internet available at initial enrollment for just $150 + taxes + S&H
  • Access to free basic Internet training

With Spectrum Internet Assist, qualifying households can receive:

  • High-speed 30 Mbps Internet with no data caps for $14.99 per month + tax
  • Internet modem included
  • No contracts required
  • Add in-home Wi-Fi for $5 more per month

Internet Essentials brings affordable home Internet to students and their families. While participating in Internet Essentials, customers receive:

  • Fast home Internet for just $9.95 a month + tax
  • No price increases, no activation fees, or equipment rental fees
  • A low-cost computer available at initial enrollment for just $149.99 + tax
  • Access to free Internet training - online, in print and in person